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Updated: Dec 10, 2021


My pen name: livinyo.

My age: circumventing my twenties in the best way possible (I'm young, I swear).

My likes: writing, reading, music (both listening to it and the breakdown of melodies and rhythms - specific artists I tend to lean towards are Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Frank Ocean, SZA etc.), singing (albeit, well, in the parameters of my shower), the colour yellow, cookie dough ice cream, tacos.

My dislikes: people who are rude and don't have respect for others, carrot JUICE (take notice to the emphasis placed on JUICE - I actually love eating carrots, there is just something about carrots in juice form which makes me repel in disgust), people who smack their food/talk while eating.

Phew. Now that we've managed to get formalities out of the way, this is a place for me to vent, express, manipulate my ever-so-complicated feelings of an adolescent into words that can be understood by the general population. I am complicated. I hope that I can learn to understand that many of my feelings are in fact valid, and also learn to love myself in the same way I love others.

You'll see short, hurried paragraphs. You'll see essay-long manifestations that I 'need' to put out into the world. You'll bear witness to hiatuses, caesura-esque long gaps in my better self, and you'll also see continuum - progressive periods which I aspire to become my 'regular' routine amongst my life's changes.

Twas' a nice chat people. I'll be back soon for some mind-stimulating anecdotes, reviews, news that I hope you find the least interesting.

Take care,


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