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Hello from the other side! (i can hear the raucous laughter on the other side of the screen, i'm telling you that).

i have started to get into the regular habit of reading these days, because 1. i love it, and 2. reading is good for me. (mostly the first reason).

currently, i am reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I am 100 or so pages into it, and BOY is it good! her language and tone is so clear and refreshing, and i also have an appreciation for hearing other people's stories and perspectives. v. good read so far, I'll let you know how it goes (no spoilers, i promise).

i have purchased an array of books, and have started another collection of my own, the first of which exists interstate in my childhood home - i made the sombre decision to leave them ALL there as i wanted to preserve the memories which were created there, and the books i read in my childhood all mean a great deal to me.

here is a coveted 'progress' pic:

i want to say that i've organised them in a particular order - the order in which i would like to read through them (from right to left, of course) - but such a desire changes frequently, so this order is also a work-in-progress. the next book will DEFINITELY be The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel - the synopsis bearing a striking resemblance to the real-life story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, whose mother Dee Dee spent many years from her childhood conjuring up fake illnesses that her daughter supposedly suffered from, which required actual medical interventions and which eventually resulted in Gypsy convincing a man she met online to kill Dee Dee. here is a link to a website explaining the story in all its spine-tingling glory

i'll post a review of the books that I finish here, so keep your eyes peeled like a potato if you want to hear (or read) my opinions on books, i guess. by the way, i finished The Medicine by Karen Hitchcock a few months back - a TREMENDOUS book which i'll post a review of v. soon.

tis' all for now peoples. thanks for coming to my TED talk (i've always wanted to say that hehe)

take care,


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